The 5 Most Wanted Student Housing Amenities

Our E-Street Flats community is an off-campus student housing choice that not only supports a student’s study, social, and housing needs—it also includes everything on this checklist of the five most wanted student housing amenities.

Take a look at all that we offer students in order to ensure the best possible college experience!


E-Street Flats is exceptionally close to several stores that carry all the necessities a college student needs on a regular basis:

  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Cub Foods

Restaurants within walking distance include (but are certainly not limited to!):

The community is also a short commute to both Bethel University and University of Northwestern. Bethel’s off campus physician’s assistant program facility is a 10-minute walk door to door.

Outstanding Wi-Fi Connectivity
Not only does E-Street offer private Wi-Fi networks in each apartment home, they also have a public network that can be accessed in the fitness and rec centers. Additionally, there is a Wi-Fi lounge with computers and a printer that students are free to use. The theater suite is also great for streaming music and movies when students are ready to take a break from studying! 

Safety and Security
E-Street uses key fobs, so if a student misplaces their keys, they can simply cancel and replace the key fob ($100 charge). The onsite manager also has controlled accesses on all doors, and can access key fob records at any time to line up with cameras located throughout the buildings should that ever become necessary. Public spaces such as the fitness center and bike storage also have controlled access.

The call box links to a resident’s preferred phone number (mostly cell phones) so they can be accessed anywhere and never miss a visitor.

E-Street’s property manager Chelsea accepts and signs for all packages, so residents don’t have to worry about packages being left outside their doors while they are away at class. 


E-Street’s spacious, comfortable floor plans offer students the opportunity to live with friends, but still have some personal/private space. Studios offer unique floor plans that allow for study space and a separate sleeping area that doesn’t feel cramped. 


Study Areas
There are a wide variety of study areas throughout the building:

  • The Wi-Fi lounge is a great area for small groups or individuals who want a quiet, sunny place to study
  • The rec center is ideal for larger groups as it offers ample space and seating
  • The library is commonly used by individuals looking for some privacy
  • The theater suite is use for groups who want privacy and access to a television

Are you a student, or do you know of a student looking for housing for the 2016-’17 school season? Visit the E-Street Flats website, or call 651-789-6623 to schedule your tour today!

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