Making a Move Stress-Free

This spring, we’re welcoming many new residents into our StuartCo communities! We know that moving is near the top of the list when it comes to stressful life situations, and we’ve asked the experts on hand—our StuartCo property managers—for advice on how to make your moving day as stress-free and seamless as possible.


Lacey Chrissis, Property Manager, 430 Oak Grove
If you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it.  You don’t need it.  Also, college kids are always looking for extra cash!  You can find really affordable options- my favorite is College Muscle Movers—all college athletes earning extra income.


Virginia Stejskal, Property Manager, Eagle Creek Townhomes
Reserve the moving truck for more than one day. Often a lease will end on the 30th, but the new lease won’t start until the 1st. It’s much simpler to spend a night with friends if you don’t have to bring all your moving boxes inside!

Ashley Vargas

Ashley Vargas, Property Manager, The View At Long Lake
Unpack your bedroom and set up your bed first. That way if you don’t get everything finished in one day, you at least have a comfortable place to sleep after a long day of moving.

Make sure you have a separate bag of clothes packed for the next day or two as well as all of your toiletries (like a carry-on bag). It makes it much less stressful if you don’t have to go through bags and boxes of clothes trying to find an outfit before your closet is unpacked!


Chelsea Vadner, Property Manager, E Street Flats
These are some of my moving guidelines: 

  • Take time packing, and pack things where you plan on storing them when you get to your new home.
  • Donate, toss or sell unwanted or unnecessary items prior to the move. Why move it if you don’t have to?
  • Label, label, label! Nothing is worse than having to dig in 10 different boxes to find silverware!
  • Plan to order pizza or take out. You don’t want to worry about cooking in the middle of a move.
  • If you have kids, keep a small open-faced tote or box full of play items to help occupy their time, along with snacks and water.


Catherine Ragozzino, Property Manager, Remington Cove Apartments
Make sure you don’t pack your checkbook in your moving boxes! Make sure you set aside your checkbook, along with other essentials such as a notepad/pen, paper towels, toilet paper, and snacks, so they’re easily accessible during your move. 


Susie Borlaug, Assistant Manager,
Heritage Landing Apartments, Flats, and Townhomes
Work with your new property management team on planning ahead for the logistics of the day—when you’ll want to pick up your keys, sign paperwork, and reserve the elevator. Sometimes it’s easier to do this before the moving truck arrives, so you can enjoy the feeling of unlocking your new home without the movers on your heels.

Ahead of your moving day, you’ll want to make sure to forward your mail. Also, the streets surrounding our building are all metered—if you’re moving in and want to park a moving truck, you’ll need to contact the city so they can reserve the meters for you. If you have questions on this, we are happy to help!

Do you have some great advice of your own to add? Let us know in the comments below!


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