Louie Loves: Remington Cove Apartments

Louie Loves is a blog series that has Louie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with impeccable taste (and a big diva attitude) visiting our StuartCo communities and reporting back with his take on the property and the surrounding neighborhood.

 As a city dog, when my human told me we were headed out of the city (20 miles out, to be exact) to Remington Cove Apartments in Apple Valley, I was a little apprehensive. I insisted we pack up the whole family and make it a day trip! Lucky for us, this assignment was packed with pet-friendly features AND family-friendly fun—even for a tough critic like my cousin, Rowan.


First of all, my human never even mentioned that this new, upscale apartment community in Apple Valley has a HUGE dog park right on the property! Imagine my surprise! I almost jumped out of the car so I could get in and run around.


Before heading indoors, Ro wanted to visit to the park right across the street. I was FASCINATED by all the pretty birds flying overhead, Ro was fascinated with me, and the adults with us were in awe that a picnic-worthy spot was just steps away.

DSC_1406Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.57.51 PM

We got to play in the park for a bit, and then we headed inside. Even though we were inside, the windows on the patio were big enough for me to watch everything going on outside—and the natural light pouring in was beautiful.


Ro was SO relaxed in our pretty surroundings.


Everything was so new, and there was so much space—plenty of room for Ro and I to chase each other (whenever she decides to start walking, that is—I’ve got four legs and she only has two, how hard can it be?). We both loved the apartment, and wanted to have a sleepover.


Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, we were back outside—this time, to the gazebo and grilling area.


It was awesome! What a beautiful setting for an outdoor feast with the neighbors. I could almost smell the burgers on the grill. I’ll never understand why Ro was more interested in her shoe than what was under the grill lid!

RC Landscape

Being a city dog, I couldn’t believe the beautiful space all around me, and with so many cool things to do! Humans can grill their dinners (I’d like to be invited back for THAT), sit by the fire pit, or simply lounge underneath the gazebo on a lazy summer afternoon with a good book.

There’s barely a need to leave this place, and yet, there was more! Ro was ready to take her stroller for a spin and check out the walkability of the neighborhood.


There is so much all around Remington Cove—the neighborhood is great for long walks. Not only that, but Remington Cove was within walking distance to everything a human could possibly need (Target!), plus the Red Line, making it easy for city folks like myself to get to Minneapolis/St. Paul in no time.

And when the adults are famished and in need of some good food?


Vivo Kitchen is right across the street—and their patio is dog-friendly, so you don’t have to leave us furry family members at home when you head there for dinner!

Remington Cove has it all—I’m officially a suburban convert.

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