Louie Loves: Genesee Apartments and Townhomes

Louie Loves is a blog series that has Louie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with impeccable taste (and a big diva attitude) visiting our StuartCo communities and reporting back with his take on the property and the surrounding neighborhood.

The new Penn American District of Bloomington, MN- what an exciting place to explore! And Stuartco’s Genesee community is right in the heart of it all.

Genesee Apartments and Townhomes is an urban rental community featuring apartment, townhome, and penthouse living all within walking distance of shopping, dining, and recreation. I love all of those things (ESPECIALLY dining), so I was ready to go!

The first person I saw when I ran in the front doors was Joanne, the sweet concierge who was waiting with a treat just for me! She tells me that she loves all the furry residents and keeps her treat jar full for us—incredible!


After getting a treat (or three…) it was off to explore one of Genesee’s homes. When I walked in the door, I couldn’t believe how stylish and trendy it was—I used to think those kinds of finishes were reserved for city living only, but Genesee proved me wrong. Not only was everything beautiful, it was also super comfortable.


I’m a dog who LOVES water, and I can never resist testing out a good bathtub—look at the size of this one!


Even though I begged my human to start the water so I could splash around a bit, I heard two words that had me running out the door—

Rooftop. Deck.

My human and I love to spend as much time as possible outside during the spring, summer, and fall (as long as the temperature doesn’t fall below 40 degrees—then I require a jacket and heating pads), and Genesee’s rooftop deck is the PERFECT place to enjoy warm weather, sunsets, and a great grilled dinner.


My human insisted nothing was cooking on the grill at the moment, but I had to make ABSOLUTELY sure.


After taking in the sights on the deck, we headed downstairs to check out the pool. Did I mention I love water? I LOVE WATER! The pool wasn’t quite open yet when I was there (I’m told it is now!), but thankfully there was a great sitting area where I could sit and look longingly at the sparkling water.


While I could’ve stared at that pool all day, out of the corner of my eye, I glanced at some beautiful green space just across the street. WOW! What an awesome space to be able to run around and get out my energy, and just steps from home!


Not only is there green space just steps away, there’s also a new, healthy, organic grocery store called Fresh Thyme where my human can grab dinner for us and be home in minutes, without ever having to start her car. (Plus it’s great people-watching for me.)


Just in case all of this isn’t enough to wear you out, the Hyland Lake Park Reserve is just a short car ride away—it has all kinds of trails, picnic areas and a big playground, enough for a daylong adventure!


By this time, my human and I were seriously worn out and in need of some refreshments. What better place to check out than El Loro Mexican Grill? Just a couple miles from Genesee, it has a large patio, tasty drinks, and delicious food.


I’ve definitely “found my beach”— Genesee and its neighborhood make me feel like I’m on permanent vacation! If you haven’t already, you must go and see for yourself.


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