Connecting With Our Communities

At StuartCo, we’re more than the buildings we own and manage.

Within those buildings, we see entire communities being built, friendships being made, lives that become intertwined and are enjoyed in the company of neighbors.

These connections—with neighbors, with staff, and with StuartCo—are what make us so proud to do what we do, and to offer places our residents can proudly call home.

But enough from us. Who better to hear from than our residents?

Connecting With Community


Betsy—“I’d been living with a friend for about a year and a half, and it was just time for me to be on my own. My last apartment was in an old building, and I wanted air conditioning, parking, laundry in my home… that’s what drew me here.

Alex—“I grew up in South Carolina and moved here to start school at the University of Minnesota. I had been living in Woodbury, but I wanted to be in the city—everything is so localized and central to this building. We’re both huge hockey fans and have season tickets. It’s a 10 minute walk to get to our seats.”

Betsy—“We met while living here. Our dogs played together in the dog park; they hit it off before we did! I would talk to him at the park, and finally I asked him if he liked music, so we walked up to Music in Mears. We just moved in together last month.

You feel like you’re part of a community from the first day you’re here. It’s a really connected place.”

– Alex and Betsy, Riverview at Upper Landing residents


“We’ve been here since April 1. For us, it’s a little weird, because there’s this social, community aspect to the building. Having been homeowners for the last 20-30 years, we’re used to staying in our house. But this place is committed to getting us all together with gatherings. It’s fun to meet the neighbors. It feels old-fashioned. The staff care about the neighbors, they care about you.

We trust [property manager] Lacey completely. She treats every tenant like they’re special. She’s responsible for hundreds of people, but we always feel like we’re the only people that matter when we’re with her. You feel so taken care of, respected, cherished. “

– Rick and Patrick, 430 Oak Grove residents


“I moved to Genesee from La Crosse, WI—I lived there basically my whole life. I have two beautiful boys, they’re 22 and 19 now. My husband ended up having to look for a new job; our youngest was graduating from high school, so we could go anywhere. We moved here.

We hadn’t started looking at places, but we wanted to be close to his work. We drove around and came upon this building—we thought it was beautiful. We met with [Genesee team members] Adam and Maryann, and we decided to move in. I thought they were amazing, friendly, outgoing, and social. They knew a lot about the area, which is amazing. I have girlfriends come up all the time. We go over to Southtown Mall, walk around, and nobody has to drive.

I’ve made friends in this building. It’s so nice to recognize faces, and everyone is so friendly. I’m a people person and I need social interactions, and the people here are amazing.”

– Shelly, Genesee resident


“I’ve been here for six years. Before I moved, I looked at many places, and nowhere else offered the amenities Carver Lake has—the pool, the workout room, the beautiful paths right by the lake.

The community is so friendly, and the staff is consistent with their dedication and kindness. They’re so kind to and interactive with all the residents. My neighbor recently had surgery. One of the maintenance men came up in his cart and asked ‘how are you doing? How are you recovering?’ There’s that kind of care here. There’s that kind of compassion and attention.”

– Kathy, Carver Lake Townhomes resident (photographed with Carver Lake Assistant Manager Jess)

Your Home. Our Commitment.


“My co-worker lived here with his family for several years, and he recommended Greenfield—he said he never had any problems here. It’s the only place we looked at—it has everything. The price was right and everyone here was really nice when we walked around. The staff has gone out of their way to help us. All the little things really add up.”

– Barbara and Richard, Greenfield residents


“I’ve been at Stonehill for seven years.

I first moved here while I was going through a divorce. I had two small children at the time, and all the entertainment the community provided—from the pool to the hot tub to the theater and billiards room—was great for my family.

The staff is congenial, the property is well-maintained and always being upgraded, and the location is tremendous—there is so much around that is easily accessible. It’s a quick drive to downtown Minneapolis or Maple Grove, and The Shops at West End and Ridgedale are only a few miles away as well.”

– Bobby, Stonehill resident


“We made the decision to downsize from a suburban house to the city when our daughters were in college three and a half years ago.

We wanted to be close to work, shopping, restaurants, and we wanted to walk everywhere. We’re big fans of St. Paul—it’s so fun to read articles on top dishes in St. Paul and say ‘oh, we’ve been there. We’ve been there.’

When we saw Riverview at Upper Landing, it was nice and professional, with a nice range of people. We aren’t the oldest and we certainly aren’t the youngest!

We looked at several rentals and condos, but we liked the idea of a self-contained unit, with laundry in our home. We wanted to downsize; we just didn’t want to downsize to our early twenties. We wanted to remain adults. “

– Ken and Paula, Riverview at Upper Landing residents


“I’ve been living in Heritage Landing for over a year now and can’t imagine being anywhere else. Not only do I love the convenience of being in the city and great neighborhood, but I also absolutely enjoy the community within Heritage Landing. The staff is always helpful and quick to respond to their residents. They truly make you feel at home with their friendliness and making sure that residents have the opportunity to get to know one another by planning monthly events. I’ve never felt more at ease and been welcomed with such kindness, enthusiasm, and fun at any other complex. Heritage Landing is by far one of the best communities in the North Loop.”

– Maria, Heritage Landing resident (photographed with Heritage Landing receptionist & resident events planner Nicole)


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