Louie Loves: Carver Lake Townhomes

Louie Loves is a blog series that has Louie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with impeccable taste (and a big diva attitude) visiting our StuartCo communities and reporting back with his take on the property and the surrounding neighborhood.

I’m a city dog, but I’m quickly learning that the suburbs have just as much to offer as the cities do! So when my human said we were headed out east to the suburb of Woodbury, I was ready to go.


StuartCo’s Carver Lake is a townhome community nestled by the Carver Lake Park Reserve—there are miles of nature trails and gorgeous views. I was so excited to check it out! And when I walked in and saw this sign,


I knew we’d come to a place worthy of my attention.

The townhomes at Carver Lake are super spacious—I couldn’t believe the size of the walk-in closets! On a hot day, the central air feels so good, and I know my human likes the fact that there’s a washer and dryer in each home. Not only that, but each home comes with a private deck looking out into the peaceful woods, AND a huge attached garage!


After we played inside for a bit, I saw ANOTHER sign that made me grin from floppy ear to floopy ear.


A dog park exclusive to Carver Lake’s furry residents?? Count me IN!


Right next to the dog park is a playground and a great picnic/grill area—plenty of space to host summer barbecues, and close enough to watch fur AND human kids play!


If you enjoy water activities in the summer, you have two great options at Carver Lake—they have an outdoor pool right next to the playground, and the Carver Lake Beach is just down the road!


Sometimes I get worried in the suburbs that there won’t be enough right around us—I get really antsy if I have to be in the car too long.

Luckily, Carver Lake is within close distance to lots of dog-friendly places that my human happens to like as well!

Haskell’s is just up the road—they were so happy to see me, and my human loved that they have regular wine tastings!


A short car ride away are two stores next door to each other that I couldn’t get enough of—Pet Evolution is a locally-owned pet store with all kinds of food and toys, as well as grooming and dog wash services. Perfect after a day spent at the dog park!


Next door is Nadia Cakes, the big celebrity of bakeries—not only were they featured on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, they WON! And I must say, it’s a worthy award. Their “pupcake” was DELICIOUS. My human asked if I even tasted it because I scarfed it down so quickly. (What a silly question—of course I did.)


I had such a great day in Woodbury and at Carver Lake, a peaceful retreat just minutes from dining, shopping, recreation, and dog-friendly entertainment. I made sure to behave and NOT chew the couch—that’s how badly I want to go back!


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