Louie Loves: Woodridge

Louie Loves is a blog series that has Louie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with impeccable taste (and a big diva attitude) visiting our StuartCo communities and reporting back with his take on the property and the surrounding neighborhood.

For this adventure, I headed over to WoodridgeStuartCo’s apartment community conveniently located in Eagan.


As soon as I got there, the friendly staff greeted me with big smiles and LOTS of snuggles. They couldn’t wait to show off their community and their beautiful homes, but not before a few belly scratches!

After I’d had my fill, we made our way to one of Woodridge’s apartment homes.

The living space itself is enormous (there’s even a big dining room!), the master bedroom’s walk-in closet is so big it might just have to be my new room, and I have plenty of space to run back and forth on the patio as I chase the squirrels frolicking around in the wooded green space just in front of me.


There is green space to look at and play in all around Woodridge.

It is so amazing to me how many StuartCo buildings have dog parks on site, and Woodridge is no exception—they have one literally in their backyard!


Right next to the pet park is the pool. Surrounded by great big trees, it is so pristine and peaceful. I wanted to jump in after my run at the pet park, but since this is one amenity that doesn’t allow me, I could only gaze longingly at it.


Woodridge is in such a peaceful area, and yet close to so much.

I can’t believe there would ever be a time that my human would need a break from me, but just in case she does—the new Twin Cities Premium Outlets are just down the road from Woodridge. Seriously! Less than three miles away! That way, my human can get some retail therapy in without having to drive too far away from me.


If she doesn’t want to leave me alone while she shops, we’re BOTH in luck—Wagging Tails Pet Resort is also in the neighborhood! She can drop me off at the daycare knowing I’ll have plenty of friends to play with while she’s out. I was so excited watching them I couldn’t even be bothered to look at the camera!

Wagging Tails also offers overnight boarding and a canine spa, so I’m sure to always be relaxed and looking my best.


All in all, Woodridge and Eagan get four paws up from me!



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