2016 MADACS Nominees: Lamplighter Village Team

On Friday, September 23rd, 2016, the Minnesota Multi Housing Association (MHA) will hold its 21st annual MADACS Awards: Multi housing Achievement in Design, Advertising & Community Support. The purpose of the MADACS awards is to recognize owners and associates who have made significant contributions to multi housing marketing and management through exemplary achievements.


StuartCo is fortunate to have several well-deserving nominees in this year’s awards. To honor and celebrate these nominations, we are starting a weekly series featuring our employees. Check back each Wednesday to learn more about those who make our company so fantastic!

Lamplighter Village-StuartCo-Category #40

Property: Lamplighter Village
MADACS Award Category: Outstanding/Innovative Resident Service, Continuous Responses by Ronna Woolery, Property Manager

What do you love most about your job?
We love the community and how culturally diverse it is.

 What does this nomination mean to you?
This nomination is very special—our philosophy has always been that if we’ve impacted at least one person in a positive way, we feel we have accomplished a lot.

Community is not about ourselves, it is about those around us.


With the help of many other StuartCo communities, Lamplighter Village was recently able to assist over 40 families in their community with school supplies for the upcoming school year!

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