2016 Good Neighbor Tips

We’re so proud of the connections that are formed by residents in StuartCo communities, and we love witnessing the friendships that are formed by being great neighbors to one another. In honor of National Good Neighbor Day, here’s a look back at our 2016 Good Neighbor Tips!



It’s snow removal season! Please watch for notifications for snow plowing and kindly move your vehicle accordingly so we can fully clear the parking lots. Make sure we have your most current contact information in the office, or on the resident portal.


Brrr, it’s cold out there! While it may seem convenient to prop open exterior doors, it can cause substantial damage to the door and the track leaving our controlled access points vulnerable. Please allow the exterior doors to close naturally.



We’d like to remind you that when you are entering your community garage, please wait for the door to close behind you and do not allow the next car to follow you in. This will prevent the door from inadvertently closing on the next car, or a non-resident from entering the garage.


While it’s fantastic to be able to open windows again and enjoy patios and decks, please remember that noise travels outdoors. Use the same courtesy you would indoors.


Now that school’s almost out for the summer, we’ll see more kids outside playing during the day. Please slow down in the parking lot to protect our littlest residents.



We wish you a fun and safe holiday weekend, with the reminder that fireworks are not allowed on the property in the interest of safety for our buildings and our residents.


August is one of our busiest months for new move-ins. Help us welcome new neighbors by stopping to say hello and introducing yourself.


Group of friends having fun together outdoors

Socialize with neighbors new and old at your community’s events to help foster a sense of community and belonging for all!

Man jogging and listening music

It’s getting darker earlier every day, so please make sure to be extra cautious of other residents while driving. If you are out walking or biking, make sure to wear reflective clothing or carry a light.



We want to know—what’s the best thing about your StuartCo community neighbors? Let us know by leaving a review on your community’s Facebook or Google page!

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