StuartCo Welcomes Gerry Ewald

Please join us in welcoming Gerry Ewald to StuartCo as Lead Designer, a new role created in response to the high volume of design projects in constant motion at StuartCo. As our Lead Designer, Gerry keeps a consistent watch over our apartment upgrades, amenity space renovations, and general design projects. He identifies materials that are both fresh and functional, negotiates volume discounts, and eliminates the need for costly outsourcing– allowing StuartCo to prioritize projects.

Gerry has worked at architectural/design firms, in the facilities departments of two major corporations, and at a furniture dealership.  Corporate offices, residential, financial institutions, law offices and restaurants are some of the many project types included in his project portfolio.  Gerry possesses expertise in the areas of space planning, design, furniture selection and client management.  Gerry brings a singular, yet pragmatic approach to Interior Design.

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