Louie Loves: York Plaza

Louie Loves is a blog series that has Louie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with impeccable taste (and a big diva attitude) visiting our StuartCo communities and reporting back with his take on the property and the surrounding neighborhood.

Fall is in full swing, and after my adventurous summer, I decided that my last adventure of 2016 would be somewhere a little closer to my Minneapolis home—just a few miles southwest in the suburb of Edina, to York Plaza Apartments.


This time of year, I cherish any time outside I can get… I know that before too long, the ground will be frozen and my princely paws can’t handle that!

Thankfully, it was a GORGEOUS fall day, so before we even went inside, we decided to explore the Edina Promenade and Centennial Lakes Park, both right outside of York Plaza!


The Promenade was perfect for an afternoon stroll with my human—the sun was shining, the people were smiling at me, and I was excited about all of the artistic sculptures on our walk!


Less than half a mile down the path was the entrance to Centennial Lakes Park. This awesome park has activities all year round, from farmers markets in the summer to ice skating in the winter. On this day, I just basked in the glorious sun and took in the beautiful views all around me.


It was time to cool down, so off we walked to York Plaza.

To my complete surprise, there was another dog just like me when we walked inside! It’s so easy to make friends in this pet-friendly community, and now I have a lifelong chum in Sadie! The manager was happy to greet us with lots of ear scratches and belly rubs too.


After shaking paws with Sadie, I headed down the hall to check out all the community amenities York Plaza has to offer.


A community and game room, theater, fitness center, and not just an outdoor pool, but also an indoor pool for those long winter months?? I don’t know why there’d ever be a need to leave this place! And speaking of winter, York Plaza also has a big indoor playground, so if you’ve got kids in your family and don’t want to bear the below zero temps, there’s an easy way for them to burn off some energy in the comfort of your community.

Once I was done ogling the amenities, we checked out an apartment.


I couldn’t believe how spacious the apartment was—so much space to run around, and so many spots to stretch out and nap The size of the bedroom closet was HUGE!!! I could store a whole warehouse of dog sweaters in there!

In addition to the luxurious space, each home comes with a washer and dryer and a beautiful balcony or patio to relax and enjoy the fresh autumn air.


I was not quite ready to leave the dreamy patio, but my human said she wanted to check out an area just a couple of miles away called 50th and France.


50th and France is a unique area with over 175 retailers, including dining, shopping, and entertainment. I was particularly interested in Bone Adventure, a fabulous store filled with pet gear, treats, and grooming services.


If you and your human have worked up an appetite shopping, there are plenty of restaurants with dog-friendly patios to choose from, including Edina Grill and Pig & Fiddle.

The city of Edina is such a cool place with so much to do, and York Plaza is an oasis right in the heart of it all.

This year has been filled with great adventures—I feel so lucky to have experienced all of the wonderful StuartCo communities and the neighborhoods that surround them. The only problem is that there are SO MANY great options, it’s hard to know which one to choose! No matter what, I am a StuartCo family member for life. Even though every community is so different, they all embody the same values that StuartCo holds so dear—commitment, loyalty trust, experience, care, value, consistency, goodwill, and personal touch. 

Thank you everyone for coming along with me this year—I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!


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