Quick Tips on Going Green

“The earth is what we all have in common.”
– Wendell Berry


Every year, we celebrate Earth Day, a day set aside to broaden and diversify the environmental movement worldwide.

While Earth Day is global in scope, the small changes we enact locally in our homes and communities are what can make big differences.

At StuartCo, we have been making small changes every year to our utility processes that will provide efficiencies and reduce costs and energy in the future.

We recently talked with two of our in-house experts about small ways you can make a big impact this Earth Day, and all year.


Install LED lights


Of all the energy-efficient lighting available, LED bulbs offer the brightest light for the least money. Halogen and compact fluorescent haven’t been quite as well received among consumers for several reasons. LED is a good alternative, providing safe and consistent light for little money.

Utilize charging stations and smart power strips


One common cause of energy waste around the home is phantom power. This results from electronics that are plugged in but not turned on, sucking as much as 8 percent of a home’s power for nothing. Charging stations automatically turn off and stop phantom power leaks when devices are fully charged. Others shut off after a specific length of time.

A smart power strip cuts phantom power from anything plugged into it, and saves you from having to unplug umpteen appliances and electronics every night.

Get an energy use inspection

 Whether you own or rent, most power companies will come to your home and conduct a free energy inspection. They will tell you where your money is going and recommend ways to cut your bills and reduce your environmental impact.

Work on creating new habits


Do you tend to leave the water running while brushing your teeth? Or take a long, hot shower each morning (using up an average of 2.1 gallons of water a minute)? Maybe you leave your TV and computer on all night?

Shut the water off while brushing your teeth. Cut your shower time in half to conserve water. Turn off the TV and computer each night. Creating these new habits will save you AND the earth.

What are some of your tricks for going and saving green? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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