How To: Houseplants

“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”
– Alice Walker

Do you love the idea of having houseplants in and around your home, but are overwhelmed with where to start or how to care for them?

Thomas in action planting pots at One Southdale Place
We recently spoke with Thomas McClain, an expert who works with StuartCo to make our communities beautiful, and the owner of GROW, a studio offering design and landscape services in the Twin Cities.

We wanted to know—what are the top five house plants that are easily maintained yet still bring the beauty of the outdoors inside?

No green thumbs required for these plants!


#5: Oxalis

“This is a very pretty plant that looks like a shamrock, with dark purple foliage and flowers. It takes a lot of water and sun, so it would be great in an east-facing window. It lets you know when it’s wilted which is nice, and while it does wilt dramatically, it pops right back up when you water it.”


#4: ZZ Plant

“An African plant with glossy dark green leaves, this plant always looks great, with arching branches and leaves that mirror each other on each side—a very rhythmic look. The ZZ plant also has air-purifying qualities for the indoor environment. It takes dry conditions and sun or shade.”


#3: Succulents

“These are easy plants that like dry soil and hot, sunny windows.  There are many varieties in various shapes sizes and colors.”


#2: Sansevieria

“Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this plant comes in different colors and is very versatile—it’s a plant that does well in dry conditions and can take shade to part sun.”


#1: Fiddle-leaf Fig

“This is my favorite house plant—it’s a very easy plant to take care of and it’s architecturally beautiful with huge leaves. Water it once a week and you’ll be fine.

One trick with this plant is to get mood moss, which acts as a great top dressing and helps keep the soil moist.”

53_pp (1)Now that you’ve picked out your houseplants, how do you incorporate them into the design of your house? For that, we turned to our lead interior designer, Gerry Ewald, for a few tips:

  • An empty corner by a window is the perfect place for a tall potted houseplant
  • A tidy row of succulents by the window creates a beautiful visual—the unique shapes and shades of greens soaking up the sunlight
  • Utilize bare shelf space for a collection of small pots in bright colors to house an indoor herb garden

No matter which plants you choose or where in your home you put them, they add interest and texture to your environment, in addition to creating beauty all around you.

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