Father’s Day Advice

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song.” – Pam Brown

To celebrate Father’s Day, we turned to a few of our StuartCo heroes, adventurers, and story-tellers to ask them—what’s the best dad advice you’ve got for us?

Barry Stern, Lead Maintenance, One Southdale Place


“We have three children of varying ages (12 to 25 years), interests, and personalities. My advice to other dads is pretty simple. Embrace and accept each child for their individual and unique gifts. Most of all, put in the quality time and love them unconditionally.”

Darren Jakel, Vice President, Building Operations, StuartCo Corporate


 “Being a dad has been and always will be my favorite role, responsibility, and blessing!

Be there, be present, focus on them when you have the chance, share your undivided attention—before you know it, they’ll be grown and off on their own.

I had a great father that passed at age 51, and I continue to miss him daily. He taught me how to be a good dad by his actions. He was always there for me and he instilled treating others with respect and finishing your work before you play.

Work hard, be respectful, and have fun. Work before play! Ask my boys what I’ve reminded them of when their chores were waiting, and they’ll repeat that phrase. My two sons, now 21 and 24, are my pride and joy! They know right from wrong and demonstrate respect. Their continued good health is my ongoing hope and prayer. The rest that life brings is part of the adventure!”

Allen Forrest, Building Operations, StuartCo Roving Maintenance


 “Try to be consistent and follow through with discipline and promises. Talk to your children about their choices and how they can affect them all the way through life.

Make special time for each of them in different ways.

Make sure the boys can cook and the girls can change a flat tire.

Make sure they know you love them all!”

 Terry Steffen, Vice President and CFO, StuartCo Corporate


 “I asked my boys if anything I’ve ever told them over the years has stuck with them…

My 14-year-old: ‘Be a good friend.’

Whenever I take him to school in the morning, these are my final words as he’s hopping out of the car…

My 17-year-old: ‘Perception is reality.’

I’ve always told him to be careful about what he says or does, because how others perceive him is their reality of him, regardless of what he’s really like.”

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