StuartCo’s 2017 MADACS Nominees

On September 15, the Minnesota Multi Housing Association (MMHA) will hold its 22nd annual MADACS Awards: Multi housing Achievement in Design, Advertising & Community Support. The purpose of the MADACS awards is to recognize those who have made significant contributions to multi housing marketing and management through exemplary achievements.

This year, in addition to submitting six property nominations, StuartCo also recognizes 12 exceptional employees with a nomination. We are so thankful for their dedication and hard work, and look forward to cheering them on in a couple of weeks!

We talked with each nominee’s supervisor to find out more about what makes these 12 team members so special.

Burke_004 Sandi Burke, The View Apartments at Long Lake, Caretaker (Individual)

 “Sandi is a genuinely caring person, and that shines through to our residents. She not only remembers our residents’ names and greets them personally, but also takes the time to remember the names of the many dogs who call The View home! Sandi is always a true professional, whether she is stepping in to help with a tour, lending a hand to our maintenance technician, or assisting in the office with our leasing consultant is off. We have a small staff, so having someone as versatile as Sandi is a wonderful bonus.”

– Jill Thorson, Property Manager, The View Apartments at Long Lake

hoffman_001.jpg Robert Hoffman, Greenfield Apartments, Maintenance (Individual)

“On a daily basis, Robert demonstrates traits that make him a truly remarkable maintenance technician. His charismatic personality makes him a delight to be around for both his fellow team members and the residents he encounters each day. He is always looking for a better way to do things. He is not only a true professional, but he is honest, loyal, intelligent, and demonstrates the utmost care for his community and residnets.”

– Troy Olson, Property Manager, Greenfield Apartments

phillips_0041.jpgEvan Phillips, Woodstone Apartments & The Madison Studios, Maintenance (Supervisor/Lead)

 “As the sole maintenance technician for two properties, Evan is tasked with completing multiple daily projects. His depth of mechanical knowledge is remarkable, but perhaps even more impressive is his efficiency. His talent, worth ethic, and dedication results in bringing a high value to residents.”

– Andrew Shoaf, Property Manager, Woodstone Apartments & The Madison Studios

Robb_002Shannan Robb, Heritage Landing, Leasing Consultant

“Shannan does an amazing job keeping up with all our residents to make sure they’re comfortable in their homes, from first tour to move in. She assists our residents with service requests, parcel deliveries, and answering questions they have, helping them to feel valued here at our community. During her five years with us, she has made a huge impact. Her continuous dedication and high performance is astonishing to us all!”

– Talesha Sandiford, Property Manager, Heritage Landing

Sacic_002Ed Sacic, Greenfield Apartments, Maintenance (Supervisor/Lead)

 “The residents at Greenfield are very fond of Ed, due to his ability to connect with everyone no matter if they are new to the community or have lived here since we opened. He has a way of making everyone feel at home. There is not a problem for which Ed cannot find a solution, and his teammates will tell you he is one of the best people they know.”

– Troy Olson, Property Manager, Greenfield Apartments



Ellen Schaffran, Greenfield Apartments, Assistant Manager

“Ellen has many abilities that make her an outstanding Assistant Manager. She is intelligent, dependable, honest, and incredibly hard-working. In addition to that, she excels in her ability to interact with our residents and make them feel at home. She has the ability to multi-task extremely well to effectively complete her array of responsibilities seamlessly while still maintaining accuracy.”

– Troy Olson, Property Manager, Greenfield Apartments


Shoaf_003Andrew Shoaf, Woodstone Apartments & The Madison Studios, Community Manager (Multi-Site)

 “Andrew is a genuinely nice guy. He is always positive and optimistic, and he tackles everything only the way Andrew can. He is a brilliant leader and mentor. He takes great pride in his team and their successes, both personal and professional. He creates an atmosphere of fun and dedication and expects nothing less than 110% from his team. He embodies StuartCo’s tagline, ‘Your Home. Our Commitment.’”

– Stacy Ekholm, Portfolio Director, StuartCo

Smith_002Scot Smith, Rockwood Place Apartments, Community Manager (Senior)

 “Every day, Scot and his team go above and beyond to assist our seniors and their families with living a quality and comfortable life. He balances the financial needs of the property with the personal needs of the residents by ‘doing the right thing.’ He is a true leader who is passionate about seniors and is dedicated, creative, and fiscally minded.”

– Kim Webster, Regional Executive Director of Senior Living, StuartCo

Stejskal_003Virginia Stejskal, Eagle Creek Townhomes, Community Manager (Market Rate)

“Virginia is hard-working, dedicated, and a true delight to be around. She takes very good care of her residents, her team members, and her community. The professionalism that comes as second nature to her is felt throughout the community. She is a visionary and wants for the best for her residents.”

– Don Brown, Portfolio Director, StuartCo


Stoick_002Steve Stoick, Stonehill Apartments, Community Manager (Market Rate)

“Steve embodies strong interpersonal leadership traits that convey warmth and regard, yet he is also firm and fair when resolving conflicts with residents or team members. His persona fosters trust and collaboration. He possesses a collective wisdom about relating to others, and his team values his leadership.”

– Joe Videle, Portfolio Director, StuartCo


Topel_002Amy Topel, E Street Flats, Caretaker (Individual)

 “Amy is the embodiment of a true team player, and to her, the team is ALL of StuartCo. Over her seven years, she has filled many roles at many properties. She comes to work every day with a smile and a winning attitude, and she always takes great pride in performing any task. While many would look at her tasks as daunting, she always sees them as an opportunity and a challenge. I often joke with her that she bleeds blue—specifically StuartCo blue—because of her great love for our property and our company.”

– Chelsea Vadner, Property Manager, E Street Flats

30_ppKim Webster, StuartCo Corporate, Portfolio Manager

“Kim is committed to serving seniors and their families. She is focused on providing resources to sustain each senior’s quality of life while recognizing this as a possibly difficult period for all involved. Her commitment has broad and deep roots within this industry, on both the housing and services side of operations. Kim is an exceptional leader who excels in her role both with us and as a leader in the senior housing industry.”

– Lisa Moe, President and CEO, StuartCo

Other nominations StuartCo submitted include:

  • StuartCo, Website (Property or Management Company)
  • Wellington KnitWits, Community Support Program
  • Shepard Park National Night Out Party, Outstanding/Innovative Resident Service (One Time Event)
  • Raspberry Woods Townhomes, Property Excellence (Built Before 1997)

Best of luck to all of our nominees!




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