Decorating for the Season

In September 2016, we welcomed Gerry Ewald as Lead Designer for StuartCo. Gerry keeps a consistent watch over our apartment upgrades, amenity space renovations, and general design projects. As the seasons change, Gerry offers some great tips on easily decorating your home for every season.

Once again, the fall season is upon us; as the days start getting shorter and evenings get cooler, we will be spending more and more time indoors. Having a little extra free time might inspire us to celebrate the change of season with some interior embellishments.


Storage is often limited and no one wants to dedicate an entire closet to separate collections of décor for every season and holiday. Thankfully, there are objects that can serve double- and even triple-duty. So what are some simple ideas to maximize the spirit of each season without breaking the bank?


#1: Bell jars, apothecary jars, glass hurricanes

Consider building a small collection of bell jars, apothecary jars or glass hurricanes. These will give you a base for highlighting any season: plastic or papier-mâché eggs in the spring, pumpkins in the fall. You can also fill smaller ones with jellybeans, popcorn seeds, candy corn or peppermints—all of which could become the base or surround for a battery-operated pillar candle. For additional color or texture, add bows of fun ribbon found at the craft or dollar store.


#2: Twine and clothespins

A simple garland of textured twine and old-fashioned clothespins becomes a display for colorful leaves, jack-o-lanterns or holiday greeting cards. If you attach the pins by tying a knot around their “heads,” you can then clip silk flowers and other items more dimensional items. Pair the garland with twinkle-lights for an extra-special sparkle.


#3: Candles, runners, and wreaths

Colored candles, table runners and wreaths all help invoke the season. A neutral colored or grapevine wreath can easily be reconfigured to whatever catches your eye. You can even purchase programmable LED lightbulbs to easily set a mood—simply open the app on your phone or device and change the color!

With just a few simple basics and a little imagination, you can easily say to “welcome” to every season all year long.

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