Make the Most Out of Your Move

Whether a move to a new home is in the near or distant future, we know it can be a very stressful time. There are so many things to think about and do, all while on top of managing the rest of your daily life.

Thankfully, we have several experts on hand at StuartCo to lend their words of wisdom and help make your moving process—whenever it may be—as stress-free as possible.

Michelle Collage


  • Get as much done as possible early in the moving process, when you are excited and energetic. That way the process will go much more smoothly when you’re exhausted and wish it were over already.
  • Use different colored tape or markers to very obviously mark each box for each room. And be detailed in your labeling, so that it’s easy to find anything without having to dig through every box.
  • Consolidate as much as you can. Single items take much more time and energy to move—your feet and back will thank you in the end!

Jill Collage


  • When packing, make sure to ask the question—“Do I love this enough to move it?”
  • Pack items you don’t need first—such as books, pictures, and wall hangings.
  • Plan for more boxes than you think you’ll need.
  • Make sure to give yourself lots of time.

Angela Collage


  • Get rid of unused items before you move—selling or donating these items can reduce stress and help give you that “fresh start” feeling in your new home.
  • Fill out your change of address form with the post office at least one week prior to your move so they can update records—and update your bank and creditors with your new address.
  • Pre-schedule your TV and internet connections a few weeks before you move in so you’re able to set up within the first few days of your move.
  • Pack items you need in the first few days– cosmetics, clothing, and other essentials—in a suitcase just like you do when you travel.
  • Only touch things once—unpack items and put them directly where they’ll go in your new home.
  • Finish unpacking one room at a time starting with the bathroom(s) and kitchen. Having a room or space that is done feels good and keeps the process moving!

Do you have some great advice of your own to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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