Love Where You Live

“Where we love is home—home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

At StuartCo, we understand the importance of home.

We strive to ensure that not only are our residents proud of where they live, they truly love where they live. Our team members work hard to make this vision a reality for our nearly 7,000 residents on a daily basis.

In celebration of this hard work, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, we talked to a few StuartCo residents and asked them—why do you love where you live?


“Living at Riverview has been a wonderful experience for me. I moved to Riverview two years ago. At that time, I was going through a divorce and my life was in chaos. The team helped make my transition very smooth; it was such a difficult time for me and living at Riverview was wonderful.”

– Dawn, Riverview at Upper Landing


When I arrived at Washburn, I was impressed by the fact that the staff had brought all of my boxes that I sent ahead of me into my new apartment. Further, they furnished the apartment for me until I was able to buy my own. I was very touched by the hospitality of the Washburn team and how much they helped me make my transition a success.

I appreciate the friendly and family-like atmosphere of the building. There are regular holiday gatherings at Washburn that are very fun and relaxing.

It makes a big difference to know that my apartment is more than just a rental, it’s a home.”

– Heidi, Washburn on the Park


“When we were planning our move to Minneapolis, we knew we wanted to live in an apartment close to downtown, yet in a place that felt like a true neighborhood.. 430 Oak Grove stood out to us in our apartment search for SO many reasons – the Loring Park location was ideal (with windows overlooking the park!). The units were modern and spacious, the apartment building had great amenities including a gym and the people were so friendly. After we toured 430, our apartment search was over – we were so excited to make this place our home.

We have now lived at 430 Oak Grove for almost four years, and all of the things we originally loved about it still ring true today. We really enjoy being near Loring Park for all of the summer events and winter festivities. We have had nothing but positive experiences with everyone who works here, and we are always greeted with a smile downstairs in the office. We have enjoyed getting to know our neighbors (humans and dogs!) throughout the building. Overall, 430 Oak Grove has been a perfect place for us to call home!”

Rita, 430 Oak Grove


“My husband and I have been an E Street Flats resident for five years. The main reason we chose E Street to be our home is because the close proximity to Bethel College. My husband is a student and needed to be close to campus. It’s been so nice to not only have space, but have space at an affordable price!

Some of the added perks are the wonderful team of people that keep E Street safe, clean and beautiful. They respond SO quickly to emails, organize student events for the whole building, and are always friendly and inviting when I need to come into her office to chat about various resident topics.

As newlyweds, it’s been a perfect first home for the two of us and we’ve had so many great memories created here over the years. We are blessed and thankful.”

– Courtney, E Street Flats 

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