StuartCo’s 2018 MADACS Nominees

On Friday, September 14th, 2018, the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association will hold it’s 23rd annual MADACS Awards: Multi-Housing Achievement in Design, Advertising, & Community Support. The purpose of the MADACS awards is to recognize owners and associates who have made significant contributions to multi-housing marketing and management through exemplary achievements.

StuartCo is fortunate to have several well-deserving nominees for this year’s awards:


Callie Wilson, Highland Ridge, Leasing Consultant

“Everyone loves their experience with Callie the minute they walk in the door; people trust her. She is level-headed even on the busiest days, and is always making the best of tough situations. She is optimistic, gregarious, high-achieving, and never settles for second best.”

– Karen Hermes, Supervisor

Joe Warling, The Wellington, Maintenance (Individual)

“Joe is an asset to all of us because of his strong work ethic, his drive and steadfastness, his vast knowledge and strong desire to provide the best possible service to our residents. He is concerned with so much more than maintenance, and is always thinking about the overall success of our community and satisfaction of our residents and their families!

– Lisa Winters, Supervisor

Stacy Ekholm, StuartCo Corporate, Portfolio Manage

“Stacy has tremendous capacity to do it all! She loves the business, she loves working with her team (AKA Team Ekholm), and is exceptional at understanding how each property can better perform. I appreciate her dedication to StuartCo and our industry.”

– Lisa Moe, Supervisor


Jenica Hickey, StuartCo Corporate, Executive Administrative Assistant

“Jenica is that employee who does whatever it takes to achieve the end result, regardless of whether it is her responsibility or not. She is an all-in team player who always has your back! Jenica’s personal touch enhances collaboration, calmness, and customer satisfaction.”

– Teresa Weiss, Supervisor

Tyler Frisk, Genesee, Assistant Manager

“Tyler is so deserving of this nomination because I truly believe he is in the top 1% of Assistant Managers in our industry. He displays great pride in the way he carries out his role, and shows genuine care for our residents and our community. He is positive, professional, and helpful to everyone he encounters. Win or lose, Tyler embodies the spirit of this award and I could not be more proud of his accomplishments.”

– Steve Stoick, Supervisor

York Plaza, Maintenance (Team)

“York Plaza’s maintenance team is the backbone of our property. Their excellent customer service, prompt response time, and cohesive approach to a problem at hand sets York Plaza up for success.”

– John Stielow, Supervisor


Mike MoynihanEagle Creek Townhomes, Maintenance (Supervisor: Lead)

“Mike’s presence in the community improves the outlook each day for the residents and his co-workers. He readily meets residents’ expectations, and then continues his service by sharing his knowledge. He goes the extra mile, helping create an enjoyable rental experience and expanding residents’ knowledge as many move towards home ownership.”

– Virginia Stejskal, Supervisor

John Stielow, York Plaza, Community Manager (Market Rate)

“John understands the vision, mission, and values of StuartCo, and he makes sure to demonstrate them to his residents and team members on a daily basis. He inspires and guides others, creating a motivating environment at York Plaza.”

– Patricia Farrell, Supervisor

Joe Wiggin, Rockwood Place Apartments, Caretaker (Individual: Full Time)

“Joe does so much more than what his job description states; he does whatever is needed, never complaining about any task. He’s even completed his caretaking duties while also filling in for maintenance—and has recently been promoted to Maintenance Tech! He continues to be a fantastic leader at Rockwood Place.”

– Lori Degerstrom, Supervisor


Chelsea Vadner, E Street Flats, Community Manager (Market Rate)

“Chelsea is downright amazing. Her successful, in-demand student housing community is always leased up in record time—she already has a waitlist for the 2019-2020 school year. She does this through networking with the local colleges, and most importantly, creating a very ‘at home’ feeling for her residents. This combined with her true passion for the industry and the synergy she’s created with her team is a recipe for success. I cannot think of someone more deserving of this award.”

– Luke Perry, Supervisor

Jessica Zantek, Parkside Apartments at Medicine Lake, Caretaker (Individual: Part Time)

“Jessica has a strong work ethic and is very friendly and reliable. She is constantly going above and beyond to help out her team, residents, and community. She takes pride in getting to know Parkside’s residents, making everyone feel welcome and part of the community. We cannot think of a more deserving person for this award!”

– Sally Koshenina, Supervisor

Best of luck to all of our nominees!


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