StuartCo 2018 Year-End Awards Recipients

Nearly 400 StuartCo team members and guests gathered on December 8 to celebrate the holiday season and another great year (the company’s 48th!) providing superior residential property management services. A highlight of the evening was an awards program honoring the commitment, loyalty and hard work of individual employees and property teams. Please join us in congratulating the following recipients: 

2018 Employees of the Month:

Samantha Schindeldecker, One Southdale Place

Senada Demir, Greenfield Apartments

Noel Euerle, Woodstone Apartments & The Madison Studios

Rick Minnozzi, 430 Oak Grove

Liz Ingber, StuartCo Corporate

Jeff Millette, Greenfield Apartments

Priscilia Ndifor, Shepard Park Home Care

NorthPointe Apartments Team

2018 Employee of the Year: Liz Ingber, StuartCo Corporate

Extra Mile Award: Margie Wright, Shepard Park Home Care

Team Award: Park Glen Apartments

Outstanding Assistant Manager: Misty Branchaud, Woodridge Apartments

 Excellence in Leasing: Jess Trumble, Park Glen Apartments & Whitney Bird, Genesee Apartments & Townhomes

GetSMART Earnings Excellence: Michelle Dalbec, Eagle Creek Townhomes

Excellence in Marketing: Hannah Money, StuartCo Corporate

 Excellence in Building Operations: Joe Warling, The Wellington

Wellness Champion: Stacy Ekholm, StuartCo Corporate

Excellence in Health Care: Amanda Johnson & Addis Tamiru, Shepard Park Home Care

Excellence in Caretaking: Bob Heitzman, One Southdale Place & Robyn Fischer, Washburn on the Park 

Excellence in Accounting: Laura Prybilla, Riverview at Upper Landing

Excellence in Management: Virginia Stejskal, Eagle Creek Townhomes

Most Improved Property, Affordable Housing: Woodridge Apartments

Most Improved Property, Market Rate: Genesee Apartments & Townhomes

Property of the Year, Affordable Housing: 151 on 8 Apartments & Townhomes 

Property of Year, Market Rate: Greenfield Apartments

Previous President’s Award Recipients Allen Forrest (1994), Lisa Moe (1996), Shirley Grewe (1998), Sandy Garbrecht (1999), Ann Lewis (2001 and 2003), the NorthPointe Team (2002), Darren Jakel (2007), Dan Wolfe (2008), Marvel Thorne (2009), Barry & Maryann Stern (2010); Travis Guza (2012); Terry Steffen (2014); Adnan “Ed” Sacic (2015); Andrew Shoaf (2017)

2018 Presidents Award: Chelsea Vadner, E Street Flats



 We currently have 108 people who have been with us for over five years. This year, we have 19 new five- year award recipients:

Teresa Weiss, Jenny Johnson, Bob Heitzman, Ronna Woolery, Erich Hodurski, Roy Nolen, Michelle Dalbec, Kristen Edson, Corinne Juve, Ryan Gelle, Mary Hillesheim, Jeff Dienst, Jodi Schmitt, Karen Hermes, Wayne Hornicek, Agnes Andoh, Sylvia Saboutey, Hannah Addai, Felicia Monk



We currently have 51 people who have been with us for over ten years. This year, we have 12 new ten-year award recipients:

Berhane Asgede, Vahid Hukic, Ganiba Hukic, Amy Chouanard, Terry Steffen, Ellen Sevenich, Cynthia Mansaray, Jennifer Shiek, Tesfaye Ayane, Nancy Reidell, Deondra Collins, Princess Byrd



We currently have 24 people who have been with us for over 15 years. This year we have one new 15-year award recipient:

Diane Pardini


We currently have 17 people who have been with us for over 20 years. This year we have one new 20-year award recipient: 

Michael Bergeron



We currently have six people who have been with us for over 25 years, and this year, we have three people who have reached the 30-year mark:

 Sandy Garbrecht, Sandy Kruschek, Allen Forrest


A2470_StuartCo_CareerDay-33 (Small) (1)

Thank you to all of our StuartCo team members for another excellent year!

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