Minimizing Your Plastic Footprint

Did you know…

  • Around the globe, shoppers use 500 billion single-use plastic bags per year
  • It takes 20-100 years for a plastic bag to break up
  • It can take up to 450 years for plastic water bottles to break up

Helping the environment doesn’t have to take endless amounts of dedication and energy. It can be super simple to make a difference.  Here are some helpful tips to start ditching the plastic in your life.


Plastic Bags

A simple switch in grocery bag material can cause a great affect. Ditch your store’s plastic bags and purchase some reusable ones. Reusable bags are not expensive and you can use them for a lot of things. Plus, more and more cities are banning plastic bags within their footprint.


Ditch Your Straws

Start to diminish your straw use when you go out to eat at a restaurant, or go to a movie. If you really love to use straws, you can purchase glass or stainless steel straws! It is an easy everyday switch!


Limit Your Commute’s Impact

Do you live close to work? Bike instead of drive—it cuts down on your carbon emissions and has the added benefit of starting your day with some cardio! If biking isn’t possible, look into a ride-share program or public transportation to minimize your carbon impact.


Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk may not seem like your cup of tea, but it is a really great idea. If you bring your own glass containers to the store and fill them up with the bulk bins, you save money and plastic. Many stores have the option of bulk bins with nuts, spices, flour, sugar and more! Bring your own GLASS container and fill them up to the top!

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