At StuartCo, you don’t have to buy a house to “own” your home!

We understand that your life revolves around your home,and it should be as uniquely individual as you are. The choice of renting vs. buying has often been measured by the ability you have to customize your living experience. Sure, equity is a factor, but in today’s economy, it’s risky. Renters often comment that when they own a home someday, they’ll get a pet, paint the rooms, socialize with the neighbors and make more environmentally friendly choices. Why not do those things now?

Highland Ridge Apartments

At StuartCo, we encourage you to take ownership of your apartment or townhome. We hope you love where you live, and we hope you’ll stay for a long time.Go ahead, customize your walls with a little paint.  Visit our models to get ideas, and check in with your office staff to discuss approved options for wall colors.  Check into our pet policies and get a pet that fits within our guidelines. Some ofour pet friendly properties even have  fenced dog parks. Meet the neighbors and socialize. We’ll even help you out by hosting a few gatherings to get to know one another. And by all means, take control of your utility consumption and go green with us. You have the ability to help us reduce utility  costs by making conscious decisions on how you use your heat, air conditioning, and water. You can also help us reduce waste  by utilizing our dedicated recycling areas. Did you know that we have a dedicated employee who watches constantly for new  products and rebate offers to make our buildings even more efficient? Watch for articles in the future about new products we’re using to Go Green.

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