Summer 2011; Filled with StuartCo Internal Transfers

This summer StuartCo was a movin’ and a shakin’, and not just because we’ve had a fun filled summer of boat cruises with our leasing staff and family days at Valleyfair. In total, we had 17 employees internally switch positions. It all began back in April and it truly hasn’t stopped yet! Here’s a little summary, a member of our summer helper team transitioned to a full time caretaker, a caretaker transitioned to a leasing position, another caretaker transitioned to a maintenance tech, a member of the leasing staff promoted to leasing director, leasing director transferred to assistant manager and assistant manager transferred to manager. But the best part about these transitions is that Susan in our payroll department maintained close track, of course, and decided to create a little graphic to go along with it.

One thought on “Summer 2011; Filled with StuartCo Internal Transfers

  1. This is truly a testament to how awesome Stuart Co is – and how much value and investment you place in your employees! The corporate culture at Stuart Co is one to be envied, admired and hopefully emulated!

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