An Exceptional Team at Rockwood Place!

I would like to nominate assistant manager Shavon McKinney, maintenance technician Evan Phillips and caretaker Robert Williams for Employee(s) of the month. What I have seen from this team in my first few days is truly breathtaking! Shavon drops whatever she is doing to listen to a resident’s issues or praise, and she has had a long list of “extra” job duties she has been doing for a long time, too. Evan and Robert not only perform their assigned duties extremely well, but they also go above and beyond them on a consistent basis. They will carry residents’ groceries up to their apartments for them and deliver packages if necessary, always with a smile and a great attitude! I am very excited to work with this great team and look forward to this new adventure.
—Lisa Komarek, property manager of Rockwood Place

It’s that Personal Touch in delivering groceries to a resident’s door that makes a huge impact.  We’re so appreciative for all that you do, Team at Rockwood Place!

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