Transforming StuartCo’s Corporate Office-Many Thanks to Darren!

I nominate Darren for all the extra work he has done with our corporate office remodel. In addition to performing his assigned duties overseeing the building operations for our entire portfolio of properties, Darren has also stayed on top of everything that’s happening to transform our corporate office into a nearly new space and has done a terrific job of keeping everyone here informed about the remodeling schedule and has kept everyone up & running with as little disruption to the normal workflow as possible. Thank you, Darren!
—Stuart Nolan, Chairman

Thanks Stuart, I know we all echo his praise for Darren’s hard work during this process.

Here’s a few details from the transformation: 16 people moved to a new space, 38 light sets were changed to more energy efficient versions, 6 windows were cut into office walls, at least 7 walls were constructed, one desk was assembled and one wall became a beautiful built in shelf. We hope that created a small vision of the major transformation that took place. We can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Photos coming soon!

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