Corrin, A True Team Player!

9-block with WordsAs a newer employee of StuartCo at Carver Lake Townhomes who has experienced some changes in our office staff, I have to give a BIG thank you to an amazing fellow StuartCo team member who has gone above and beyond her job description. She has really shown what a true StuartCo employee should be. I look up to her as a great role model for the company. I thank her for coming to our rescue on more than one occasion in the past few months. Corrin Grimstad has been amazing source of help for us at Carver Lake Townhomes. Her knowledge and complete kindness in helping us in any way possible has made this incredible place to work. She is the ‘go to’ girl!

—Janet Schiltgen, assistant manager, Carver Lake Townhomes

I also nominate Corrine Grimstad for Employee of the Month. Corrine came to RiverPlace Apartments in La Crosse to do some training with me early this month, as I am a brand new Property Manager. She was so sweet and helpful, I can’t even begin to tell you! She answered all my questions with a smile, even though the list was a mile long. She went over all the of the StuartCo programs and even went over with me the entire screening, application and leasing process so that I could write it all down. Corrin is such a gem, she even sent me emails with more tips and procedures when she got home. She is a real asset to StuartCo and a true team player!

—Robin Minegar, property manager, RiverPlace

Your commitment to StuartCo along with your extensive experience that you share with others is second to none.

Many thanks to multiple StuartCo team members for taking the time to share their praise of Corrin. We are so glad you’re a part of the team!

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