The Wellington “KnitWits”


Over the past five years, The KnitWits at The Wellington Senior Living have been busy knitting Afghans for The Children’s Hospital. The group is resident lead by Marilyn Monson. As new residents move in, Marilyn does not hesitate to approach them to see if they knit and would like to join the group. The group currently has 11 knitters, but that number has fluctuated over the years. Every Afghan has a color theme, and the yarn is usually donated to the group or to The Wellington.

Making the afghan is a team effort. Each knitter knits a 9×6 inch piece of whatever color is assigned to them. From the colors in each Afghan, Marilyn comes up with a name for each and every one. They are then tagged with their name and delivered to the hospital by Marilyn. They are currently working on their 80th Afghan and are excited to keep on knitting past the 80th one!

These ladies find great joy in doing this. One of the former knitters once said, “I did not think I could do something for someone else anymore, but this allows me to do just that.” They may not get to meet any of the children that receive these blankets, but they know they are making a difference in the lives of these children, and that brings them much joy. So, as long as the yarn keeps coming, and the fingers keep moving, The KnitWits plan to keep on knitting!

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