November Employee of the Month

Congratulations Cynthia, many thanks for everything you do!

Cynthia Mansaray, front desk, The Alton:

Cynthia has been here since The Alton opened in March 2008. She is the first person most of our family members and visitors encounter and is always polite, warm and welcoming. She has a great deal of interaction with the residents also, and is often called upon to think quickly and then acts with creativity and compassion when a resident is determined to leave the building! Cynthia is extremely dependable – her shifts starts at 6 am Monday through Friday and she punches in at 5:55 am each day. If there is bad weather or a storm predicted Cynthia plans ahead, getting up even earlier to make it on time! During some times when we have been short of staff at the front desk, she has graciously stayed later and even covered weekend shifts if needed. She takes personal responsibility for keeping the front entry and lobby areas looking sparkling clean, keeps me updated on things I need to know, and willingly does whatever task is asked.

I would like to share some comments from other staff here at The Alton:
– Cynthia always greets each resident by name and says a kind word or compliment to them.
– Cynthia never passes by a resident without making a point of stopping to talk or greet them.
– She is always ready to help with anything she can, saying “Yes, I can help you”.
– Cynthia always makes sure guests coming for appointments, tours, or interviews are greeted warmly and offered coffee.
– Cynthia always makes sure that a resident gets a phone call coming in for them, even if she has to go to the neighborhood and take care if it herself.
– Cynthia provides a great deal of support to the Home Care staff in a variety of ways which is much appreciated, including all the resident interaction and redirection she does.

—Cindy Leach, housing manager

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