Celebrating the 100th Rental at The View!

The Vuew blog image

Last week, The View celebrated their 100th apartment rented! Since opening their doors on July 1, 2012, they have been consistently renting every week and they’re looking forward to being fully occupied!

The View actively invests in growing their community, they host events and happy hours each month and have enjoyed watching attendance grow as residents form new friendships with their neighbors.

resident events

Cooking with Kate and Resident Happy Hour

The team at The View commented, “We’ve really become a family. Each month, we welcome new residents to their lovely homes on Long Lake, and each one of these residents holds a special place in our hearts! After all, they are our very first spectacular group! They’ve been so patient through the construction process, and the little challenges that can come with a brand new building.”

If you’ve been thinking about joining The View’s community, we encourage you to act quickly! There are only a few apartments left and already they are starting to see the Spring rush.

You can reach them via email at theview@stuartco.com or via phone at 651-789-8889. The team at The View is looking forward to welcoming you home!

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